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For all of the coverage and commentary that has flooded Chinese media since Sunday’s ugly scene in Taiyuan, it’s been the three words that were smugly offered by Beijing Ducks head coach, Min Lulei, that have stuck out to me the most (which can be seen at the very end of the above video):

Hen zheng chang


阴凉的主导?到过那里done that。阻止对方团队的公共汽车?Check。Throwing stuff onto the floor? Yep and then some.

The latter is so common in fact, that by our count the league has either warned or fined teams no less than本赛季粉丝行为10次。继续寻求自己。(帽子的大尖尖熊丹在霍普纳,谁的CBA新闻部分- 在那里的所有中文读者的一个不可或缺的资源 - 在寻找所有这些方面都是很大的。)


December 11, 2011:Fujian is fined 70,000 RMB, Fujian foreign player, Will McDonald, is suspended for one game and Shanghai head coach, Dan Panaggio, is warned by the league after an on-court fracas in the game’s final seconds. With one second left, McDonald spat in Panaggio’s face while the two were having words in front of Shanghai’s bench. McDonald later alleged that Panaggio had cursed at him. Fujian’s fans responded by皮切帕加西奥和上海队他们离开了法院的物体。

2011年12月23日:Shanxi iswarned by the CBA通过他们的第15轮对抗辽宁,在中途​​扔到法庭上的庭院之后。

2011年12月30日:Jilin is fined 10,000 RMB for theirinability to control their fansand for their criticism of in-game officials at a post-game press conference.

2012年1月1日:Liaoning is fined 30,000 RMB after their fansthrow water bottles and cups at the court在辽宁队的第17届比赛中反对北京。在CBA官方报告中,联盟呼吁不管理局势的体育馆安全。辽宁先前被警告过粉丝行为。

January 6, 2012:Fans inside Shougang Gymnasium hurl lighters at the court for the second time this season, and北京已被罚款20,000元

2012年1月29日:天津粉丝在J.R. Smith的姐姐Stephanie Smith后将事物投入法庭,在浙江和天津的第27轮比赛中与粉丝进行了口头争吵。团队是fined 10,000 RMB

2012年2月12日:在第33轮,山西被罚款20,000元人民币after their fans throw lighters onto the court midway through the third quarter in their game against Guangdong. They weren’t the only ones upset with the referees, however. Guangdong’s players aggressively confront a referee during the fourth quarter and head coach, Li Chunjiang, is publicly criticized by the league for not keeping his players under control.

March 2, 2012:Xinjiang is warned afterfans throw lighters and other objects onto the court在他们的第一轮系列对阵东莞的5场比赛中。根据CBA的官方报告,粉丝对裁判所召集的比赛的方式不满意。

2012年3月4日:Two days after being warned by the CBA, Xinjiang is fined 10,000 RMB after fans将打火机和其他物体扔到法庭上在他们的第一个对阵广东的第1系列期间抗议的抗议。

同时,山西has been fined 60,000 RMB对于周日的水瓶投掷竞赛,因为调查仍在继续。从本赛季已经抛出的所有其他罚款中判断,这项罚款应该是未来对粉丝的一个非常巨大的威慑作用。



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